Sierra Preschool

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when I play,
I learn

Programs offered at SPS:

Summer Fun Program
Honeybee Class
Little Explorers Class

Summer Fun Program (ages 3-5)

Fill your summer days with outdoor, water play, art projects, games, circle time, and picnics with friends.

Dates and Times: TBA


Honeybee Class

Parent/Tot Program (ages 2-4)

Monday OR Wednesday (9-11AM)
Monday AND Wednesay (9-11AM)

A gentle introduction to our co-op community for little ones who may not be quite ready to attend class on their own. Along with their parent(s), children will have the opportunity to explore our indoor and outdoor play areas, enjoy a short circle time and come together for snack.

Price:$65/month or $130/month

Little Explorers

Preschool Program (ages 3-5)

Monday-Thursday 9am-1pm
1-4 day options
In this class, children will have the opportunity for their imaginations to grow through indoor and outdoor free play, hands on art activities and games, music and movement.

1 Day a week - $100/month
2 Days a week - $180/month
3 Days a week - $260/month
4 Days a week - $320/month
Please inquire about non participation rates and policy